Purse: $1,085,000 / Par: 36-36—72 / Yards: 7,023   

WINNERS:    Lanny/Tucker Wadkins                61-63—124 (-20)      $200,000/team

(won with an eagle-three on the first playoff hole, No. 18)

T2. Larry/Drew Nelson 62-62—124 (-20) $62,147/team

T2. Fred/Taylor Funk 62-62—124 (-20) $62,147/team

T2. Davis III/Dru Love 61-63—124 (-20) $62,147/team

T5. Lee/Connor Janzen 62-63—125 (-19) $48,500/team

T5. Vijay/Qass Singh 59-66—125 (-19) $48,500/team

T7. Tom/Thomas Lehman 63-63—126 (-18) $46,500/team

T7. Bernhard/Jason Langer 63-63—126 (-18) $46,500/team

T9. Mark/Shaun O’Meara 63-64—127 (-17) $44,750/team

T9. Stewart/Reagan Cink 63-64—127 (-17) $44,750/team

T11. Steve/Sam Elkington 61-67—128 (-16) $43,500/team

T11. Nick/Matthew Faldo 62-66—128 (-16) $43,500/team

T11. Hale/Steve Irwin 64-64—128 (-16) $43,500/team

T14. Jack/Gary Nicklaus 64-65—129 (-15) $42,000/team

T14. Raymond/Ray, Jr. Floyd 63-66—129 (-15) $42,000/team

T14. Lee/Daniel Trevino 66-63—129 (-15) $42,000/team

T17.  Dave/Dave, Jr. Stockton 64-66—130 (-14) $40,750/team

T17.  Fuzzy/Gretchen Zoeller 66-64—130 (-14) $40,750/team

19.   Curtis/Tom Strange 64-67—131 (-13) $40,250/team

20.  Nick/Greg Price 69-64—133 (-11) $40,000/team

WEATHER: Sunny on Saturday with highs in the lower 80s, winds from the E 10-20 mph. Partly cloudy Sunday, with highs again in the lower 80s and E winds 10-20 mph. Light rain fell during the single hole of sudden death.

EVENT NOTES: Tucker Wadkins sank a 40-putt for an eagle-three on the first hole of sudden death, No. 18, for Team Wadkins to capture the 2015 PNC Father/Son Challenge title over the Davis Love III/Dru Love, Fred/Taylor Funk and Larry/Drew Nelson.

The Wadkins’ win comes in their ninth start in the PNC Father/Son Challenge, dating to 2001. Their previous-best finish was a T9 in 2013.

This marks the fourth playoff in the event’s history and first since 2002, when Craig and Kevin Stadler won with a birdie on the first extra hole over Hale and Steve Irwin. This also marks the first playoff which featured more than two teams.

In their 10th consecutive start in the event, 18-hole leaders Vijay and Qass Singh followed a 12-under 59 up with a 6-under 66 to finish T5. The pair’s only finish outside the top 10 was in 2008, when they finished 11th.  Since 2012, the Singh’s have now finished3rd, T2, T3 and T5, respectively. 

Vijay and Qass Singh have never won the event but their T5 finish marked the seventh time they’ve been among the top five in the event. The only times they’ve been outside the top five were in 2004 (T9), 2007 (T6) and 2008 (11).

Defending champions Bernhard and Jason Langer finished T7 at 18-under 126. Langer won the PNC Father/Son Challenge in 2005 and 2006 with son Stefan.   

Raymond Floyd, Larry Nelson, Hale Irwin and Lee Trevino have now played in all 18 PNC Father/Son Challenges.



1. Vijay/Qass Singh 30-29—59

2. Steve/Sam Elkington 31-30—61 

    Davis Love III/Dru Love 31-30—61 

    Lanny/Tucker Wadkins 29-32—61 

5. Lee/Conner Janzen 30-32—62 

    Fred/Taylor Funk 30-32—62 

    Larry/Drew Nelson 32-30—62 

    Nick/Matthew Faldo 31-31—62 

9. Tom/Thomas Lehman 33-30—63 

    Mark/Shaun O’Meara 33-30—63 

    Ray/Ray Jr. Floyd 33-30—63 

    Bernhard/Jason Langer 30-33—63 

    Stewart/Reagan Cink 33-30—63 

14. Hale/Steve Irwin 33-31—64 

     Dave/Dave Jr. Stockton 31-33—64 

     Jack/Gary Nicklaus 32-32—64 

     Curtis/Thomas Strange 33-31—64 

18. Fuzzy/Gretchen Zoeller 33-33—66 

     Lee/Daniel Trevino 34-32—66 

20. Nick/Gregory Price 34-35—69

Event Notes: 

Vijay/Qass Singh’s 13-under-par 59 in the scramble format today was the best first-round score at this event since Bernhard/Stefan Langer opened with 59 at Champions Gate Golf Resort in 2006 and went on to win. The Singhs are making their 10th appearance in the event this year and today’s score was their best in any round at the PNC Father/Son Challenge. 

They posted 60 three times (Rd. 2/2003, Rd. 1/2005, Rd. 1/2006). First-round leaders/co-leaders have gone on to win this tournament 13 times over the previous 17 events. The biggest come-from-behind victory came in 2001 when Raymond/Robert Floyd trailed by four strokes after Day 1 and posted a 61 on Sunday to edge Hale/Steve Irwin by a stroke. 

The Singh’s two-stroke lead after the first round is the largest since Hale/Steve Irwin led Tom/Eric Weiskopf by two strokes in 2001 at The Ocean Club in the Bahamas. 

Raymond Floyd, Larry Nelson, Hale Irwin and Lee Trevino all made their 18th appearances in the PNC Father/Son Challenge today, the only four players to have been in every event. 

Defending champions Bernhard Langer and his son Jason opened with a 9-under 63. Earlier in the day, it was announced that Langer was voted as the Champions Tour’s Player of the Year for a record fifth time.

WEATHER: High temperatures in the low-80s. Afternoon winds were from the E at 10-20 mph.