Join us December 5-8, 2019

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Gates Open:

Thursday & Friday at 7:00am

Saturday & Sunday at 7:30am


Celebrate Family


Event Overview:

This is where family moments happen. Nothing like the other PGA TOUR events on the schedule, the PNC Father Son Challenge provides the chance to see 20 Major Champions team up with a member of their family and play the game they truly love — together.


Qualifications to Play:

All participants must have won a Major Championship or THE PLAYERS Championship for eligibility, drawing a tremendously talented field of golf greats.


Tournament Format:

On each hole, each player drives and the best drive is selected. Each player then plays a second shot from the spot where the selected drive lies, and the best second shot is selected. This process is repeated until the hole is completed.

Example: If both players teed off and Player 1's ball landed in the rough, while Player 2's ball landed in the fairway, Player 1 would pick up his ball and both players would play their second shots from Player 2's position in the fairway. Every shot is played in this manner until the hole is completed.

Tournament Introduction


The life of a professional golfer has its advantages, but anyone with a family can tell you that endless travel and time away from loved ones will always weigh heavily on the mind.

There’s no substitute for hearing a child’s first words or seeing their first hole-in-one.

That’s why Father Son Challenge was created; to allow the entire family to experience the joys of golf—together. 


What Fathers & Children Are All About


Golf provides a compelling bond between fathers and children. Unlike most other sports, it is a game both can share throughout their lives. No matter what their relative abilities or ages, they can be equals on the golf course. Whether as partners or competitors, counselors or students, they are necessarily companions whose attributes and deficiencies become increasingly familiar and, at once, both frustrating and endearing.

Being a good golfer is like being a good father. It takes commitment, effort, practice, patience and a subjective perspective on success and failure.

The essence of the game of golf is based on its history and traditions. Personal qualities of discipline and integrity are principles for which a father must stand as an ambassador for past generations. His legacy to the game is reflected in the values that he successfully hands down to his children. – Alastair J. Johnston