About Healthy Families Orange

Based on the nation's foremost model for child abuse prevention, Healthy Families America, our local program is known as Healthy Families Orange. This phenomenally successful program prevents child abuse and neglect, increases the rate of childhood immunizations, reduces family stress levels and reduces the incidence of repeat teen pregnancy in target communities in Orange County.

Healthy Families Orange staff work with parents from the day their baby is born until the child is five years old, facilitating parent-infant bonding, positive parent-child interaction and child health and development. Each participating family is paired with a professionally-trained "FSW" or family support worker. The home visits focus on building trust with parents, supporting parents emotionally, improving communications skills and teaching skills for coping with stress.

Highlights of the Healthy Families Orange Program:

  • Provides support services to families of newborns in targeted areas of Orange County - right in their own homes

  • Promotes positive parenting through resources, referrals, information and parent education

  • Enhances parent-child interaction and demonstrates skills to model and tools to use

  • Improves the child's growth and advancement by informing parents about nutrition and child development and by promoting immunizations

  • Stresses the importance of ongoing routine health supervision and conducts periodic developmental screenings

  • Ensures that families receive the health, education and support services they need

  • Provides support and information to fathers and helps them realize how important it is to play an active role in their child's life

Healthy Families Orange, which is closely monitored and well-researched, has demonstrated a near 100% success rate in preventing abuse and neglect in Central Florida.

For more information on Healthy Families Orange, please contact us at:
1401 Sligh Blvd. ~ Orlando, FL 32806