Join us December 5-8, 2019

Gates open Thursday and Friday at 7:00am, Saturday and Sunday at 7:30am

If you are interested in volunteering, please email

What Fathers & Children Are All About


Golf provides a compelling bond between fathers and children. Unlike most other sports, it is a game both can share throughout their lives. No matter what their relative abilities or ages, they can be equals on the golf course. Whether as partners or competitors, counselors or students, they are necessarily companions whose attributes and deficiencies become increasingly familiar and, at once, both frustrating and endearing.

Being a good golfer is like being a good father. It takes commitment, effort, practice, patience and a subjective perspective on success and failure.

The essence of the game of golf is based on its history and traditions. Personal qualities of discipline and integrity are principles for which a father must stand as an ambassador for past generations. His legacy to the game is reflected in the values that he successfully hands down to his children. – Alastair J. Johnston


Tournament Format


On each hole, each player drives and the best drive is selected. Each player then plays a second shot from the spot where the selected drive lies, and the best second shot is selected. This process is repeated until the hole is completed.

Example: If both players teed off and Player 1's ball landed in the rough, while Player 2's ball landed in the fairway, Player 1 would pick up his ball and both players would play their second shots from Player 2's position in the fairway. Every shot is played in this manner until the hole is completed.


Course Opens

Gates Open Thursday and Friday – 7:00 am (ticket sales and will call)
Saturday and Sunday – Gates open at 7:30
Will Call will be open daily until 4:30 (except Sunday)

Will Call will be at the Admissions Gate located outside the JW Marriott across from the Tennis Courts.

Prohibited Items

  • No cameras/video cameras permitted - allowed only on pro-am days (Thurs/Fri)

  • No radios, TVs, signs or banners

  • No alcoholic beverages may enter or leave the course

  • No clipboards or items for autographs

  • No coolers, chair bags, knapsacks, backpacks or bags larger than six (6) inches will be allowed onto grounds

  • No firearms or explosive devices

All items are subject to search. You will be asked to return all unauthorized items to your car before you are allowed to enter the grounds. Failure to follow the direction of security guards, gallery marshals or championship officials may result in ejection from the grounds or revocation of your tickets without refund. Please observe the rules and regulations noted above.

Cell Phones 

The new PGA TOUR mobile policy states spectators are allowed to carry mobile devices on the golf course with the volume setting on silent. Fans will be allowed to receive and send messages and check data on the golf course away from play.

No video recording is permitted at any time during the week.


During competitive rounds (Saturday - Sunday), a player will not sign autographs during his round until it is completed. An autograph area will be designated, and players have the option to use this area. No autograph items can be brought in, only items purchased on grounds. (No clipboards or items larger than 8" x 12" for autographs.)

Grounds Admission 

Must have a tournament ticket for grounds admission. Provides access to the golf course, public viewing areas and public concessions.

Corporate Hospitality 

Skyboxes are at #18 - For corporate sponsors and invited guests. Special credentials required for access. Hospitality access by invitation only.  Contact Teo Sodeman at 301-440-2479 to reserve your corporate hospitality.

Handicapped Information 

There is handicapped parking available with shuttles to the course. There is a handicapped viewing area on #18. There is disabled seating available (limited) and wheelchairs are welcome but not provided. Restrooms are available on the course. Cart paths are paved for wheelchair or motorized scooter access.

Spectator Tips 

  • Concession Stands: Open to the public during play. Food and beverage are available for purchase.

  • Radios, pagers, portable televisions, coolers, backpacks, picnic baskets and similar items are not permitted on the grounds any day of the tournament. Folding chairs and golf stools are permitted.

  • All backpacks and packages larger than 6"X6" will not be permitted. ALL other bags will be subject to search. Cameras are NOT permitted Saturday and Sunday.

  • Autograph items cannot be brought in, only items that are purchased on the grounds. No clipboards will be permitted.

  • Spectators and volunteers will not be permitted to leave folding chairs anywhere on the course, including greenside, overnight.


No alcoholic beverages are permitted in or out of the gates.

If you have any questions, please call 920-632-8464 or email us before placing a ticket order. 


Results by Year

All public parking will be free on-site. 

Please note that the event parking location has moved. There will be a continuous shuttle from the parking lot to the main entrance.

VIP Parking

The VIP Parking lot is located in Lot A to the left of the main entrance to the JW Marriott lobby. Guests are advised to drive up to the resort as if they were to valet, and park in the lot on their right hand side directly past the JW Marriott lobby. There will also be directional signage. A VIP parking pass is required.

Directions to the course

Address: 4040 Central Florida Parkway Orlando, FL, 32837

1. Follow "North Exit" signs out of the airport
2. Take 528 West (Beachline - Toll Road)
3. Exit 3 (John Young Parkway South/423) off 528 (Beachline)
4. At bottom of exit, turn left onto John Young Parkway
5. Turn right onto Central Florida Parkway (2nd traffic light)
6. Entrance to Grande Lakes Orlando will be on the left

1. Take exit 72 onto 528 East (Beachline - Toll Road)
2. Exit 3A (John Young Parkway South/423) off 528 (Beachline)
3. At bottom of exit, bear right onto John Young Parkway
4. Turn right onto Central Florida Parkway (2nd traffic light)
5. Entrance to Grande Lakes Orlando will be on the left

1. Take Florida's Turnpike North to exit 254 (Toll Road - SunPass/E-PASS Only)
2. Follow signs to 528 West (Beachline - Toll Road)
3. Exit 3 (John Young Parkway South/423) off 528 (Beachline)
4. At bottom of exit, turn left onto John Young Parkway
5. Turn right onto Central Florida Parkway (2nd traffic light)
6. Entrance to Grande Lakes Orlando will be on the left