Six-time major champion Lee Trevino returns to this week's PNC Father/Son Challenge happier than ever. The 75-year-old's wit, charm and bright-lights smile was on full display at the Ritz-Carlton Grande Lakes, Orlando on Thursday as he made a surprise appearance at a fan clinic and shared stories with media members. He'll be joined on Friday by his son, Daniel, who is finishing up exams in his senior year at USC.

"We look forward to playing with our sons and seeing the guys we used to play against," Trevino said. "We remember all the kids being five years old running around the hotels and now they are men with their own businesses and families. We thank PNC so much and hope this never goes away. We might go away at some point - Jack, Raymond and all of us - but we hope the tournament never goes away.

In between jokes about his personality -- "I could sell you ice cream in a blizzard" -- and stories about his nearly 50-year career in pro golf, Trevino did turn serious about how much his family means to him.

"My wife taught me everything about family, but Jack Nicklaus is the greatest dad I have seen," Trevino said. "He went to all their games and he was there as much as he could be. He put his kids first and I took note of that. I'm very proud of my family."

Daniel, who is considering pursuing a Masters degree in non-profit work after graduating from USC later this year, doesn't play much golf. But with dad, Lee, at his side, the pair are sure to have the most fun of any team this season.