Jack Nicklaus and his son Jack II are playing together in the PNC Father/Son Challenge for the eight time this weekend. Their best finish as a team was second in 2003. The pair’s only expectations this year are to enjoy the time together.

“We’ll have a good time,” said Jack. “As long as he plays well, we’ll do well because I can’t play well. I’m terrible, but that’s alright. As the week goes on, if we play well, we’ll keep that mindset.

If we don’t play well, we’ll move along with the mindset to have a really good time and enjoy each other’s company which is something we don’t have a chance to do very often.”

The pair is a combined 131 years old together.

“I believe we’ll be the oldest couple this week,” said Jack.

Jack II says, “By a long shot. We win that category.”

The elder Nicklaus added, “What’s going to have to happen is Jack is going to have to drive the ball well. He’s going to have to hit his second shots well. He’s going to have to chip well and put well too. If we do that then we’ll have a good shot.”

The tournament brings back special memories of late friend Arnold Palmer.

“I think Arnold changed the rules for this event which was good and we lobbied for that, for Father/Grandson,” said Nicklaus. “Arnold brought Sam in and his other grandson Will and we played with both of them. He was hitting the ball like I’m hitting it now.”

Jack II’s best memories of playing the PNC Father/Son Challenge include walking down the fairways his with dad.

“We’ll try to win, but realistically, with 131 years of age between us, that’s a stretch. Someone has to win. I have my son on the bag too, so there’s three Jack Nicklauses inside the ropes,” said Jack II.


John Daly on what makes John Daly appeal to the fans:

“I don’t know. I'm fat, I'm ugly and I tell the truth. I think that’s it.”

John Daly on giving strokes to Little John:

“I let him play whatever tees he wants. But if he wants shots, when you get old enough we'll drink it a few."

John Daly on not giving his son advice in sports:

“I’m not going to pressure him to play anything and right now golf is like his life right now. That's what he wants to do.”

Little John and John Daly on if there is a challenge playing in front of crowds:

LITTLE JOHN: “Nothing.”

JOHN DALY: “He don’t get nervous.”