Q&A with Jim Furyk

2018 US Ryder Cup Captain Jim Furyk joins the PNC Father/Son Challenge this year with his father Mike Furyk - one of the two son/father teams.

Your first PNC Father/Son, what have you heard about the event and what made you want to take part?

For years I have watched on TV and have heard from many TOUR professionals how much they have enjoyed the event. Everyone is competitive, but this event is about sharing time with family and loved ones. Usually Dad and I spend time on the course where he is helping me with my game- I thought it would be fun to team up and enjoy the time together.

You’ve achieved so much in the professional game, one of which being the only man to shoot a 58. 57 is the lowest any team has been here, do you think you can one better?

We will try our best! But honestly, I want to have fun. Our score is secondary to us spending time together and enjoying the event together.

How’s your Father’s game? You’re used to receiving tips from him but will you be giving him any coaching on the way around?

Dad has been fishing a lot more recently and his time for golf is shrinking. If I’m teaching him he may be in trouble- that’s not my forte! He is like most amateurs- he hits a lot of good shots but wishes he could be more consistent. I’m sure he will be nervous, like everyone else, and mostly I will try to make sure he relaxes and has fun.

What’s your favorite golfing memory with your Father?

We have had many good times together on the golf course. But, it is hard to top winning the US Open in 2003, on Father’s Day! My Mom and Dad were both there, and we have a great picture of my father holding our 11 month old daughter Cali. I am so glad they were able to be there and watch in person all week.

Was there any doubt in your mind that you’d make your debut with your Father, were any of your children in the running to play?

I am glad we are now able to bring our fathers! My kids hit balls once in a while, but neither Cali or Tanner PLAY golf. My daughter plays volleyball and pole vaults and my son is a lacrosse player. I really enjoy watching them compete- and they both have found sports and activities they enjoy and are passionate about. That is all a parent can ask for.