PNC Family Challenge


PNC Family Challenge

A Qualifying Event for the Pro-Am



A Qualifying Event for the PNC Father/Son Challenge Pro-Am


In keeping with the spirit of the PNC Father/Son Challenge, PNC hosts golf tournaments during the summer/fall of 2015. At these events, family teams have an opportunity to compete to win spots in the official Pro-Am of the PNC Father/Son Challenge and play alongside some of the most famous names in golf. Each event included 36 teams (72 participants), including both a "parent" and "child". Parents were required to have a handicap of 24 or better while children must be at least 15 with a handicap of 30 or better.



Tim & Tom Stern
August 10th
Persimmon Woods Golf Club - St. Louis, MO

Larry and Dennis Newman
August 10th
Westmoreland Country Club - Chicago, IL

Russ and Woody Russell
September 28th
Charlotte Country Club - Charlotte, NC


(Kirk) Michael Farmer Jr. & Michael Farmer
August 4th
Persimmon Woods Golf Club - St. Louis, MO

Tom Hammerton & Mark Hammerton
August 11th
Westmoreland Country Club - Chicago, IL

Michael Blanton & John Blanton
September 23rd
East Lake Golf Club - Atlanta, GA

Kolbe Greer & Peter Greer
September 29th
Belle Haven Country Club - Washington DC

JR & Colin List
October 1st
The Dye Preserve - Jupiter, FL


Ray and Billy Boesen
August 5th
Westmoreland Country Club - Chicago, IL

John and Mark Knebel
September 23rd
TPC Potomac at Avenel Farm - Washington DC

Carl and Paul Tucker
October 1st
Pine Needles Lodge & Golf Club - Carolinas

The Raspers
October 23rd
Eastlake - Atlanta, GA

JR and Colin List
October 27th
Dye Preserve - Jupiter, FL


Andy & Lucas Nations
Birmingham, AL

David & Jeremy Perna
Tampa, FL

Ed & Logan Byman
North Carolina